An execution in downhill / freeride performance, The Luci – designed with Ontario skater Jeremy Shoom. This board combines comfortable concave, radial drops and steep w – creating a stable, lowered platform for downhill and freeriding.

Each board in Drop Three is being produced in an exclusive retail availability of 10 boards.

featuring art by @rowanclarkdesign


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Masterfully crafted

Each board is hand-crafted by the team at Drang Longboards in Murray, Utah. Drang exercises great attention to detail to ensure that every board they make lasts far past its due by date and will be a wall hanger for years on end. The Luci is constructed with only the finest quality Canadian Hardrock maple, and formica composites.


With wheelbases from 25.5″ to 26.5″, The Luci features a 25″ standing platform with a slight taper. The Luci is 38″ long and 9.7″ wide at it’s widest point, tapering to 9.2.5″ in the centre of the platform

The 15″ of steep W concave sits at the centre point of .675″ radial concave, working with the boards radial drops to create a stable, comfortable platform.



8 in stock

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